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Roll on Track

Say goodbye to frustration on the floor and hello to feeling confident on nurturing this crucial milestone

Join Pediatric Physical Therapist, Dr. Kailee Noland, PT, DPT to learn practical tools for tackling your baby's first step toward independent mobility: Rolling.

What's Included in Roll on Track:

 Lifetime access to all Kailee's best tips & tricks that are updated regularly!

* Step by Step Videos coaching you through Purposeful Play Activities you can implement in real-time with your baby to see accelerated progress toward rolling

* Access to an idea list all of Kailee's tried and true rolling motivators 

* Strategies to combat Common Rolling woes such as: 

  • Rolling in the crib
  • Asymmetrical Rolling
  • The Swimming Baby
  • Lack of motivation to move
  • Getting stuck in tummy time
  • Always rolling out of tummy time
  • Plus so much more

* Bonus content from Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant, Katy Bourzikas, MSN, APRN, CBC (@wellrestedweeones) regarding what to do if your baby is rolling to their belly at night

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What People Are Saying:

Ugh Thank you!!! Panic bought your Roll on Track course last week because I thought my babe was behind/something was wrong and seriously God was just leading me to it. You are such a helpful and amazing resource to SO MANY mamas and it's incredible that you have this spiritual gift!!! I couldn't believe how much content in your course I found extremelly helpful and intersting that I will use with my next baby and current baby to promote more rolling, and eventually crawling!

One Worried Mama

I just purchased your Roll On Track course and my guy rolled back to belly literally the next day! Still working on that belly to back but feeling much better equipped and much less stressed about it now!

Alli B