Roll on Track

Rediscover the joy in your baby's first year by feeling confident in how to gently nurture their development.

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I see you spending all your time googling and worrying if your baby is on track.

I've been there. Even as a Doctor of Pediatric Physical Therapy, I had my own battles with Dr. Google. And as a busy working first-time mom, I felt like there was never enough time to incorporate purposeful play into our daily life. Which is why I dug deep to create consistent routines and rhythms that not only supported my children's development, but didn't add to my already crazy schedule. I can't wait to teach you the ways you can seamlessly incorporate developmental play into your busy family life without added stress.

Let me teach you how.

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What's Included in Roll on Track:


  • A 27-page PDF that you can silently scroll during middle-of-the-night feedings to prep purposeful play ideas for the next day
  • Over 15 step-by-step videos coaching your through ways to incorporate purposeful play to accelerate progress toward rolling
  • Special access to feedback and reassurance from Doctor of Pediatric Physical Therapy: Kailee Noland, PT, DPT
  • Bonus "Wish list" of Kailee's most coveted rolling motivators
  • Plus, peace of mind knowing you are building a strong foundation for continued motor development 

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Who is Roll on Track for?


Any parent, expecting, postpartum, or beyond who is curious about the benefits of rolling and simple ways to promote this foundational skill. You'll find tips, routines, and play setups that will equip you to nurture rolling with confidence. 

You will have lifetime access to the modules, so use it now or later, whenever your baby needs it most!

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About your Instructor:

Hi! I'm Kailee.

I'm a Doctor of Pediatric Physical Therapy + Mama of 2 and I'm passionate about empowering parents with the knowledge and real-life solutions to gently nurture their baby's motor milestones. 

After helping hundreds of families navigate through their baby's first year of motor development, it became clear to me that there was a missing link. Parents were being told WHAT their baby should be doing, but not given real-life strategies for ensuring their baby gets there. 
That's why I'm so excited to have created a community dedicated to empowering parents toward purposeful play. I love to share mom-hacks, effortless play ideas, simple strategies for guiding development, and encouragement in this wild ride of motherhood. I can't wait to join hands with you to reclaim the joy of your baby's motor milestones!

Still wondering if Roll on Track will help?

This video is a full module from Roll on Track and demonstrates a foundational strategy for rolling tummy to back: the Reach to Roll. Check out the video to sample the course for yourself.


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